Saturday, 16 August 2014

Guide To X Initiate Sex X Who's First?

The biggest misconception about gay sex is that it "just happens". Everything is fall into the right place, and like what all the romantic gay love TV series and/or movies does..."If someone starts something, the other person is immediately into it."

There were times, you know and I know, that sex comes naturally. BUT pleasurable sex doesn't "just happen". For a person who is looking for LTR, the question of "who's first?" often comes with a mix of excitement, guilty pleasure and bitter sweetness.

There is no right way to take the first move, but then again, here are some tips that hopefully may help. Enjoy!  

Monday, 30 June 2014

OMG X Facts X About Gay

God know since when at the back of my house has become a secret place for cats to have some skinny dipping "fun time" of their own....Argggg! The sound of love making wakes me up, and I  wanna badly! Maybe being single for too long makes you "dry" and jealousy rush through my mind. Even cats enjoying themselves...And me?! *Face palm*

Seeing this is the last day of June and I didn't update my blog as frequent as I wish I could, hence, why not...Guess the only things that you and me wanna know is gay stuff, right. XD

Presented to you are the OMG facts about GAY. Enjoy!

But before that, please let me introduce you a song that I am currently addicted to. "You know I beats your gun...."

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Work X Life X and Balance

Says who I'm missing in action? For the past 2 months, I've been in and day out. The only thing I would Love to do when I'm free during the weekends is to sleep. *I know I'm a lazy pig lately*

I died the day I turn 23. Seeing as how I really didn't know who I was, it didn't make that much of an impression at first. What I came to find in my first job, well, let's just say "I'm so ready to work but so not ready to adjust my schedule because of work." Does that make any sense for those of you, who is eager to explore the next stage in your life but the uncertainty and lack of experience what's killing you from the inside? I'm for sure...I do. What I need to do is to find balance between work and life...If not, I'm gonna become a no time.

Wish me luck! ;)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Monday, 17 March 2014

Me X A Stranger X "Sauna Virgin"

So this is it…this is the place. 

I never thought I could possibly be here with someone I barely known, actually meeting him for the first time, and now we are both standing in front of the dark glass door. “No turning back,” I remind myself. And with two of us first time visiting the sauna…this is how the story goes…