Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ready For X 2013 X Sexolution?!

Happy New Year to you all. 

The things about new year is that we tend to set new year resolution early each year...and by the end of the day, we will have some review. Classic, cliche or whatever you would like to call it, but most of you been there and done that. And please continue to do so XD

Basically, I'm proud that I achieved: (last year)
1) Gain my weight, no longer under-weight category....yeah, check!
2) More cautions about my diet...check!
3) Must gym (at least) 3 times per week....check!
4) Learn to love myself and to love others...check!
5) Get good results...check!

And I often being ask by my friends "How the hell you able to do it? Where is your determination?"

My answer is always short, sharp and simple "Please read a book called 'the secret'..." I strongly recommended to read the English version. 

For you guys who have no idea how to kick start your 2013 with a "bang", here's a sexolution to spark you creativity and put them onto test.

1) Spot the Hot
You have hotness in you. It could be your arms, butt, abs, or eye. It could be your laughter, compassion, and intellect - these don't have to be physical qualities. Figure out what those things are and write them down. Write them all down and try to remind yourself of at least one of those qualities when you wake up in the morning or before you go out.

2) Meet the Meat
You want to meet men? You want the guy you like to like you back? Then go out and hit the bars, or join an organization, or go online and visit dating sites, but whatever you do, stop sitting at home feeling bad about yourself. Yes, chances are you'll get rejected sometimes, and yes guys can be bitchy and mean, but if you don't make the effort you're never going to meet someone.

3) Help him spot the hot
When you go to a job interview you don't start the meeting by talking about your faults and insecurities. You put on your best cloths, your best face, and you show potential employers what a catch you have. Listen to the other guy and spot the hot in him as well. If you can make a date a give and take, you'll be on solid ground.

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