Friday, 28 March 2014

G.U.Y X Doctor X Life after convocation

You might ask: "How's life after convocation?" Simply put, I'm back to square one again. 

Ever since graduation ceremony ended 2 weeks ago, I went for interview like crazy, almost everyday, and job hunting is arduous. I always feel skeptical about the process of interview which involve first stage of interview, and second call-back interview, group interview, writing test, and translation task blah blah blah whatnot....Funny thing about all the interviews I went through, I get tested as mention. 

Easier said than what I've went through, and this is just an interview. Imagine when I started to work...Well, a HUGE wake up call for me. *Gonna faint*

So, enough of my short sharing session regarding my personal life...Let's move on to something more interesting. Shall we?!

I recently come into contact with a doctor...surprise surprise! Well, long story short, I learned a lot from him especially "stuff" related to HIV/AIDS and STDs. It was an eye opening experienced having a decent conversation with professionals rather then learning the knowledge yourself. Guess, I can adsorb better when I chat with him.

For those who are interested or want to know more, click (Here). This is a well written article for you to get an idea "How to find the right doctor"

Me going for HIV blood test! 
Being busy with interview and all that, I also went for HIV blood test. The waiting what kills me! Luckily, it's a negative. Plan to get tested again 3 months from now...because I've been naughty-ing around. ;( Arrrgggg!!!

Recently, I get addicted to Lady Gaga "G.U.Y". Her MV word...FABULOUS! Hot and sexy male dancer as usual, and all the provoking sex position choreography what makes me go Gaga. Lol...if you ever come across the term "power-bottom", I think, this is perfectly describe how girls *and bottom gays* feels. Enjoy the video below!

Now, i'm going to prepare myself for another interview tomorrow. You have got to be kidding me, interview on Saturday?! Oh well, good night fellow readers. 


  1. Hope everything turns out well for you :) You have an interesting blog here ;)