Monday, 17 March 2014

Me X A Stranger X "Sauna Virgin"

So this is it…this is the place. 

I never thought I could possibly be here with someone I barely known, actually meeting him for the first time, and now we are both standing in front of the dark glass door. “No turning back,” I remind myself. And with two of us first time visiting the sauna…this is how the story goes…

For those whom I would call “sauna virgin”, meaning first timer going to the sauna, let me tell you something straight to your face…FORGET everything you read on the internet and blogs. Because all the reviews, articles written by others might be very different from what you have experienced. If you are a person, like me, who definitely fully research and prepare everything in advance mentally and physically before deciding on something, get ready to get some disappointment later on. 

Simply put, just throw everything you studied out from your brain…literally…like, seriously.

Back to the topic!

It was almost 5 o’clock when we arrived at the sauna, with no pedestrian and the shop lots around the sauna already close…only dried leaves and a mamak stall around the junction what makes the area just a little alive. When we passed by the mamak stall, we saw few police officer are having their meal…wth…oh well?! 

You can’t find any Mandi-Manda signage, so the only hint you get is that this huge distinctive dark glass door stands out from all the other shops.

Entering the sauna, paid the entrance fee, and voila…get the key and proceed to the locker room. A big towel is provided and all we do is to undress and go to the second floor. Since the locker room is under CCTV surveillance, so yeah, you get the idea…the lens flashes before your eyes. Lol…

Second floor was surprisingly empty, maybe because it’s still early, so we decided to explorer the whole floor freely. The wet steam room is located nearest to the window, and when we entered, there is no one inside. The room is design in such a pathway that is narrow from the beginning and deeper to a spacious area. 

Next to the wet steam room is the dry sauna (which is also located in the middle of the second floor), and mist room is placed further down the hall. Few guys spotted on the second floor, either sitting on the bench outside or smoking near the window. Well, this is the place where you can see all men of shape and size walking half naked. 

Third floor has lounge, café and a gym room. And we ended up sitting in the café chatting, ogle some eye candy through the glasses into the gym room. Hot guys alert! Cause uncles with fit body working out are a major turn on for us.

We didn’t realize there is another path inside the gym room, until we saw guys are coming in and out from there. Out of curiosity, we walk into the room, and it is a staircase going down to second floor. It is separated from another second floor, and private rooms are provided in here. 

Boy, I made a mistake thinking no one is here, and guess I’m so wrong! Most of the crowds are here, so this is “level 69”, where all action taken place. 

Looking at a pool of nude men in “level 69” really heighten your sense, and the intensity of the stares from them, at times, makes you uncomfortable. We quickly glance through the room and get the hell out from there ASAP. 

It was an eye opening experienced for both of us. And that would be something we'll talk about in our next meeting.


  1. I have to try sometime this experience too, good to know another point of view.

    Greetings ;)